Dr. Jan Prins has developed a series of instructional videos for the Freestyle that are “state of the art.” The photography is exceptional, showing underwater and above-water views of swimmers from a wide range of skill levels. His descriptions of the strokes are delivered concisely and accurately in understandable language that is always supported by video that clearly demonstrates the point he is making. The Freestyle Biomechanics videos also include a section on common mistakes. The knowledge gained during his many years of coaching and teaching swimming are definitely on display here. The swimmers making these mistakes are not swimming “wrong” for the camera. They are actual Club, Masters, and Triathlon swimmers who are the embodiment of those in your pool who are making the same mistakes. Thus, making it easier for the coach and teacher to spot those mistakes and correct them. I can promise you, that this set of videos will be an invaluable aid to any Coach or Teacher of swimming who uses them.

Ernie Maglischo, Ph.D.

Internationally recognized authority on swimming stroke mechanics.

Author of the “Swimming Faster” textbook series.

What Jan Prins has developed in Freestyle Biomechanics is a step beyond what anyone has done before. It is an excellent teaching tool that I can use in coaching my Masters swimmers and Triathletes, especially those beginners eager to improve. The underwater video quality is superb. Jan breaks down  the Freestyle stroke into the most concise format possible.

Jim Montgomery

Coach - Master’s and Triathlon Swimming.

Olympic Gold Medalist & Former World Record Holder.

First swimmer to break 50 seconds in the 100-meter Freestyle.

For someone who wants to become a better swimmer, you can do no better than Jan Prins’ Freestyle Biomechanics Program. Whether learning how to swim or correcting your technique to become a World Class swimmer, you want Jan in your corner. He has the coaching background, has conducted cutting-edge research in Swimming Stroke Biomechanics, and uses the latest technology to pass on his knowledge and experience to the learner. More importantly, Jan has a passion for making people, at all levels, better swimmers. His current endeavor uses video technology to make the latest techniques available to swimmers at all levels. Dive in with Doctor Jan, you won’t regret it.

Bob Groseth

Former Head Men’s Swimming Coach, Northwestern University.

Coach of World Record Holders, Olympic & World Games Gold Medalists.

Division I NCAA Co-Coach of the Year & Big Ten Coach of the Year

I have known Jan Prins since 1977 when I was a guest of the Indiana University Swim Team, and he was Head Assistant to Doc Counsilman, arguably the most innovative swim coach ever. At that time, Doc and Jan were involved in groundbreaking studies re. film-based analysis of stroke mechanics. It is no surprise that, following over 40 years of quality research in stroke mechanics, Jan has produced an evidence-based website that provides valuable advice regarding desirable stroke mechanics. This is a program that will be exceptionally valuable to Triathletes, Open-Water, and Pool Swimmers.

Dr. Bruce Lawrie,

Consultant Psychologist, and International Swim Coach

If you want to learn how to swim efficiently, fast, and safely, the Freestyle Biomechanics course is for you! Dr. Jan Prins has designed a program that can help you master the Freestyle in a quick and user-friendly way. The 16 separate Videos, combined with the written Manual, highlight exactly what you want to do and what you want to avoid. Regardless of your experience, this course will help you be a much better swimmer. Get ready to swim faster!

Dan Schemmel

Head Men’s Swimming Coach
Stanford University

I think that this is a wonderful program that provides a unique opportunity to learn about Freestyle in an easy-to-understand, logical, contextual environment. To my knowledge Freestyle Biomechanics is the only place on the internet that gives a full picture of the ins & outs of Freestyle technique.

Doug Wharam,

Associate Head Coach & Competitive Director, Nashville Aquatic Club.

USA Swimming National Team Coach; USA Swimming Developmental Coach of the Year.

"The videos were extremely well made, and were concise and informative." "I really enjoyed how each part of the freestyle stroke is identified and addressed separately; it helps me to work on my technique without being overwhelmed by too much simultaneous information." "I was already able to see improvements in my swim effort and speed since starting the program just a few weeks ago!"

Richard Ridao, M.D., 

Active Triathlete

As a coach, these videos are a great tool to show swimmers their stroke faults. They are a great reference for swimmers to better understand why we are asking them to make changes in their stroke. Swimmers can quickly see why they have been struggling and what they should aspire to achieve. The videos save Coaches time. The stroke mechanics covered are common errors I see in both age groups and adult swimmers. These videos take the place of personalized underwater videos which can be difficult to attain at this level of clarity. When I watch the videos, my mind ticks off a list of swimmers I know will benefit from watching the 16 sections of the program.

Sara Robinson, 

Former NCAA Division I Head Swim Coach and current Age Group Swim Coach

The Freestyle Biomechanics Video Program is unique. There is nothing else like it on the market. This is a great tool for you to hear and see proper stroke mechanics. If you are a Competitive Team Swimmer, Triathlete, or Recreational Swimmer, you will benefit from the program, particularly if you need to identify common Freestyle Stroke Defects.

Bruce Kennard

Former NCAA Division I Varsity Head Swim Coach and Age Group Swim Coach

Dr. Jan Prins has created a comprehensive resource with the Freestyle Biomechanics platform. Any swimmer, from novice to national competitor, will benefit from this program. Freestyle Biomechanics is founded in science and explained in a way that is clear enough for anyone to improve their swimming technique. I use these foundational principles when coaching our NCAA Division I Championship level college swimmers, and in my own current training when competing in triathlons, masters swimming competitions, and open water swimming races of multiple distances to consistently place on the podium in my age group. Swim coaches can often use confusing words or vague terms. You won't find any of those here. You'll be surprised how the instruction provided will seem simple, yet be so effective. 

Steve Allnutt

Division I Varsity Swim Coach, Triathlon Swim Coach,
Age-Group Triathlete and Open Water Swimmer

Jan Prins’ Freestyle Biomechanics is a video-on-demand Program that every swimmer, from Beginner to Olympian, can benefit from. It covers the stroke from all angles and uses science to show the most efficient techniques for swimming fast. I show it to all of my high school swimmers because it illustrates what their stroke should look like. It explains why swimming with an efficient stroke makes you a faster swimmer. This is the best teaching video that I have ever used in my 53 years of coaching.

Chuck Riggs

Coach of World Record Holder & Olympian swimmer Three-time USA National Coach Member of ASCA Swimming Hall of Fame

If you are looking for a professional, unique, and understandable way to improve your swimming, then Dr. Jan Prins is the person to follow. No matter if you're an Olympic Champion or a Beginner in swimming, Freestyle Biomechanics will assist you on your way to becoming a better swimmer. Dr. Prins’ decades of experience as an Olympic-level swimming coach and researcher can be found in the videos and can benefit athletes from around the world. In a vivid way, the videos show you what to pay attention to for top performance. The combination of the high-speed video recordings with the motion-capture software is a huge benefit for all triathletes who want to improve their swimming. You will learn what you should pay attention to, and how to implement it in your training.

Marc-Patrick Schwab,

Triathlon Coach and Master of Science in Elite Sports

Our family absolutely loves Freestyle Biomechanics. Our two boys are age group swimmers, 15 & 13. We watch these videos after swim practice on our kitchen computer. The course is designed in a super clear and logical way that resonates well with our boys, making it easy for them to absorb and then put the lessons into practice during their workouts. And the best part is, we've seen great progress in their form and swim times. I'm a competitive swimmer myself. I competed at the national level as an age group swimmer, Division I collegiate swimmer and water polo player, and currently active in Masters and Open Water Swimming. What Jan is now bringing to swimmers of all levels is a much-needed refresh that adds the latest in underwater stroke technology. As an engineer, I really appreciate the underlying science of Freestyle Biomechanics, and have been telling all my swim-team family friends that Jan's work and research is what they should be turning to, to help their kids while making some key improvements in their own swimming technique too!  

Sam Kamel

Masters Swimmer & Swim Team Parent
Winner, Alcatraz Swim & Angel Island Swim
High Point Winner – Pacific Masters Swimming

I feel very fortunate to have found the Freestyle Biomechanics video program. Starting out as a recreational swimmer, there was so much I didn’t know about how I swam.  After following just a few of the 16 sections of the program I can see I was basically swimming in place.  I now no longer just splash swim but can actually glide through the water, and enjoy the full experience.  Truly confident with my strokes, I signed up to compete in some sprint triathlons.  I placed in my age category several times. What great experiences! Forever grateful to Dr. Prins. 

Daisy Greve

Triathlete & Open-Water Swimmer