Freestyle Biomechanics is designed to assist Coaches, Teachers, and all Freestylers, with special tips for Triathletes and Open Water Swimmers. The 16-Section program, covers all aspects of the Freestyle Stroke in detail.

Freestyle Biomechanics is unique in that the program incorporates the use of High-Speed Videography. The resulting video is combined with Motion Analysis software to generate “Reports,” which display a detailed analysis of the swimmer’s performance.

Freestyle Biomechanics also identifies and analyses common swimming Stroke Defects —parts of the stroke that need correction. We discuss these defects in the pertinent sections of the program as an important means of improving swimming efficiency.

Dr. Jan Prins has developed a series of instructional videos for the
Freestyle that are “state of the art.” The photography is exceptional, showing underwater and above-water views of swimmers from a wide range of skill levels.
His descriptions of the stroke are delivered concisely and accurately in understandable language that is always supported by video that clearly demonstrates the point he is making.
The Freestyle Biomechanics videos also include a section on common mistakes. The knowledge gained during his many years of coaching and teaching swimming are definitely on display here.
The swimmers making these mistakes are not swimming “wrong” for the camera. They are actual Club, Masters, and Triathlon swimmers who are the embodiment of those in your pool who are making the same mistakes.
Thus, making it easier for the coach and teacher to spot those mistakes and correct them. I can promise you, that this set of videos will be an invaluable aid to any Coach or Teacher of swimming who uses them.

Ernie Maglischo, Ph.D. Internationally recognized authority on swimming stroke mechanics. Author of the “Swimming Faster” textbook series.

Ernie Maglischo, Ph.D.

Ernie Maglischo, Ph.D.

Author of the “Swimming Faster” textbook series.

What Jan Prins has developed in Freestyle Biomechanics is a step beyond what anyone has done before. It is an excellent teaching tool that I can use in coaching my Masters swimmers and Triathletes, especially those beginners eager to improve. The underwater video quality is superb.
Jan breaks down the Freestyle stroke into the most concise format possible.

Jim Montgomery. Coach - Master’s and Triathlon Swimming. Olympic Gold Medalist & Former World Record Holder. First swimmer to break 50 seconds in the 100-meter Freestyle.

Jim Montgomery

Jim Montgomery

Coach - Master’s and Triathlon Swimming

What we are all about?

Freestyle Biomechanics is a Video-on-Demand program that describes in detail how to swim faster and more efficiently.